Thursday, October 04, 2007

Game 1 ramblings

Well, Game 1 is done and in the books and it wasn't pretty. Josh Beckett humiliated our batters for nine innings and reassured all of us that our ineptitude at Fenway Park was no aberration, but would continue. Lackey looked Ramon Ortiz-esque for the first few innings, the bats were limp the entire game, and there is really nothing good to take from this game. My hatred for all things Red Sox only grows, but I fear they will once again have the last laugh. Could there be an more undeserving bunch of blowhards, low-lifes and arrogant bludgers than Boston fans?

On Friday, Lambo the Great takes the mound for the Halos. I don't think he will publicly urinate like Lack-less, but I am also not sure which Escobar will show up. The one who dominated for much of the season, or the one who struggled his last several starts before the playoffs? Matsuzaka will go for Boston, so will Scioscia give another bat a chance in Game 2? It is clear we need something. The broadcasters mentioned during the game last night that Coach S. will need to add some more pop to the lineup in the next game and to be fair, he doesn't have a lot of options. But he does have Morales and Rivera. With his experience and the short leftfield, I think he ought to put Rivera in there. In any case though, we know that Scioscia will only do what is best, so I have no worries.


At 10:28 AM, Blogger dil8d halo said...

I hate the Red Sox nation. But by saying this, am I not just feeding this fire? Do I hate them because they have schooled the Angels in how to start a playoff series? Yes, but I hate them more for their fans. People that think it's chic to root for the Red Sox are not fans, but sheeple.

As far as last night's game is concerned, I wanted to puke. They all looked like a bunch of scared children hiding behind their daddy (Vladdy?). And SnS looked totally uninterested in being their, like he had better things to do with his time, as he struck out. They were out done, out classed, handed their aces (wink wink), and purloined... Ha ha, loins...

Tomorrow we need to see more bat, less Reggie, and better pitching.


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