Friday, September 21, 2007

Football Picks!

2-0 BABY!!!!

Too bad my picks weren't as lucky as the 49ers last week. I went 10-6 and at the risk of eating my favorite food, crow, and furthering my foot-in-mouth disease, I will make more picks. Be ready to laugh...
Ravens def. Tards
Donkeys def. Jags
Colts def. Texans
Cheaters (never prosper) but they def. the Bills
Browns def. Raiders
Packers def. Bolts
Bucs def. Lambs (Two words for ya: Jeff Garcia!)
Eagles def. Lions
Redskins def. Gnats
Panthers def. Falcons
da Bears def. da 'Boys
J.E.T.S. def. Dolphins
Titans def. Aints
Chefs def. Vikes
Dang 'ol Bengals def. ChickenHawks
And my upset of the week, yup, you guessed it:
49ers def. Steelers!!
Oh the humanity...


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