Thursday, November 01, 2007

the baseball diaries

"Passing by,

the sea of light,

like a stream, like a breeze,

there's your voice inside my head..."

So, these blokes won the World Series. How could this happen? I'll tell you how, they're opponents walked out after they won the NLCS and just sent a bunch of cardboard cutouts to the World Series. How else do you account for barely over zero runs scored by the Rockies and all the runs they allowed. Oh well, at least it's out of the way and over. I'm tired of seeing that queer Papelbon dance like a fool everywhere.

A more pressing issue is how are the Angels actually going to move on in the quest to get bigger bats this off season. They have a new GM but many have pointed out that this guy is close facsimile to the bloke that left. Will the tradition of deal making mediocrity continue? Obviously that remains to be seen, but if you tell me things are looking bright for the Angels in acquiring needed personnel, I'll tell you get real because the new GM is as much in love with all our minor leaguers as (I'm with) Stoneman was!

I'm taking a meaningless poll to gauge the desire for Angels fans to get gA-Rod. I'll start the poll with one under the yes column, I would accept his presence on our team. Now what does the citizenry say?




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"And in between,

the pleasure increases.

I know I'll never get back!" -- Camouflage


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